Illinois Public Airports Association Outstanding Achievement Award 2021 RFD
From left to right: Karyn Robles, IPAA Chairperson; Seth Nygren, Chicago Rockford International Airport, Operations Manager; and Dan Pape, CMT Aviation Group Manager, Chicago, IL Region
RFD South Apron Expansion Photo 2
Current Phase 1 Work: Photo taken 8/3/21
RFD South Apron Expansion Photo 1
RFD South Apron Expansion Photo 3
Looking Northeast.  Building 1 complete.  Building 2 foundations complete in the foreground.

At the September 2021 conference, the Illinois Public Airports Association (IPAA) recognized the Chicago Rockford International Airport‘s South Cargo Apron Construction, Phase 1 Project with an Outstanding Achievement Award.   The Greater Rockford Airport Authority partnered with CMT for this project to provide six new heavy cargo aircraft parking positions and entrance taxiways to accommodate Boeing 747-8 cargo aircraft.  The new apron will provide airside access for international cargo through two new cargo buildings totaling nearly 200,000 sq. ft.

Explosive growth in the cargo traffic and landed weight required the airport to move quickly to accommodate demand.  Together with CMT, the airport looked toward the midfield area to accommodate the growth.  The midfield area has the benefit of an existing heavy-duty cargo apron that could provide one parking position.

CMT quickly mobilized to initiate the design. Following several iterations of the site configuration and layout alternatives, CMT designed this project in only two and a half months.

With this project, the Chicago Rockford International Airport has been able to commit to providing high-demand international cargo building space, and airside heavy cargo apron parking, to an existing tenant for the continued success of their operation.  The airport and CMT continue to build on our 40-year close working relationship to successfully deliver a fast-track design and implement construction on this high-profile project fulfilling the airport’s role as a large aircraft cargo hub and local jobs creator in the greater Chicago area.