High school career aptitude assessments can be intimidating, but that wasn’t the case for Micah Pitner, PE. “I will only pursue a career that has the potential to change the world.”

Now with 14 years of experience, Micah focuses her work as an engineer on water distribution, resilience, and emergency preparedness. Although she makes a great impact in the United States, Micah wanted a way to make an impact on a global level, too. Then she found Global Water Stewardship. This nonprofit organization brings engineers across the country together to work on meaningful projects in Costa Rica. The group travels to there annually to educate communities on the importance of clean water, provide engineering students with hands-on design opportunities, and initiate projects to directly impact water and sanitation services. The organization hopes to expand into other countries, too.

One drop at a time, Micah says, “Global Water Stewardship perfectly intersects my technical skills with my passion for making the world a better place.”