Roger L. Driskell, PE

Senior Vice President and Director of Surface Transportation

For over 30 years, Roger was on the agency side of the client/consultant relationship. Today, his DOT experience provides him great insight into understanding the needs and priorities of the transportation agencies that he now serves.

“That perspective is invaluable in my role with CMT,” says Roger. “Not only does it help me serve my clients, but I’m also able to pass that knowledge along to our other project managers and transportation engineers so that we can make our approach even more client-centric.”

Roger brings expertise derived from years of progressive leadership at Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), where he held the positions of Bureau Chief of Construction; Region 4 Engineer/Deputy Director of Highways; and Director, Office of Planning and Programming.  Roger also led IDOT’s Innovative Project Delivery efforts.  He is now leading CMT’s Surface Transportation and assisting in our ongoing pursuit to expand our project delivery capabilities to provide greater flexibility to clients in meeting their infrastructure needs.