Gaherty, Ryan CASUAL

Environmental Scientist

Ryan’s aptitudes in intelligence gathering and analysis were first honed while serving as a cryptological technician in the US Navy. Today, his specialized training and skills allow CMT clients to leverage the power of information through several environmental-related technologies. Among these are data visualization tools such as GIS and Power BI, which enhance analysis and allow for more informed decision-making by presenting complex data in real-world, easy-to-understand scenarios.

Working with clients in the aviation industry, Ryan uses process improvement tools to increase accuracy and efficiency in modeling and reporting, as well as numerous report templates and data warehouses to support a more robust and consistent data available for clients.

Ryan currently serves the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Aviation by tracking and compiling all of their aircraft noise complaint data and operating their Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS).   

In his downtime, Ryan likes to go backpacking in national parks and study historical European martial arts.


9500 Koger Boulevard
Suite 211
St. Petersburg, FL 33702