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Runway 6/24 Repair
McGuire Air Force Base

New Jersey

This project completely rehabilitated the Runway 6/24 complex – including pavements, pavement marking, airfield lighting, and storm sewer drainage – so that all facilities within the complex would comply with current criteria and require minimal maintenance for the next 20 years. CMT led the design effort, with subcontract support for topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, storm sewer video investigation and airfield electrical design. Design of the project was completed on a fast-track schedule to take advantage of end-of-year funding, beginning in October 2008 and completed in July 2009.

The project achieved sustainable design benefits through the reuse of existing materials where possible. Recycled crushed concrete was used in the base course and drainage layers, asphalt millings were recycled, and RAP was allowed in the asphalt pavement shoulders and base layers. Innovative features to reduce project cost included base course in-place reclamation/stabilization and PCC pavement rubblization.