Peoria; Engineer's Week 2019

Jim Michael Rube Goldberg Volunteering; Engineer's Week 2019

United Way St. Louis Service2Go 2018

How CMT Gives Back

Giving Back - United Way, Springfield, IL Joe Miller and Son

Supporting our Communities

CMT is a proud social and educational advocate for our communities. Our social efforts extend from local, such as donating and volunteering our time to charitable organizations like the United Way, to global, including supporting college students in Engineers without Borders. In addition, CMT promotes STEM initiatives for students of all ages. Beyond delivering value to our clients, CMT is committed to bringing value to our local and international communities.

Giving Back - Springfield, IL Solar

Supporting our Environment

Sustainability is a key element of CMT’s mission and value statement. We go beyond delivering sustainable practices and solutions to our clients by living our sustainability commitments in our daily business practices. Our headquarters in Springfield, IL, is now powered by a large 394 kwp solar system made up of nearly 4,000 panels. This system will reduce CO2 outputs by over 10,000 tons over 25 years, the equivalent of planting over 218,000 trees.

Giving Back - West Florrisant Intern

Supporting Opportunity and Diversity

At CMT, we understand the importance of providing opportunities to grow and diversify our industry. We prioritize this belief, providing leadership and innovative approaches. We are proud to have been recognized for our efforts. For the second time in five years, the Missouri DOT’s External Civil Rights Division named CMT their 2017 Outstanding Consultant of the Year.