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I-65 and Worthsville Road Double Diamond Interchange

Greenville, IN

The Indiana Department of Transportation is transforming how roadway projects are developed throughout the state. Through its OpenRoads practical design initiative and the New Paradigm for Utility Coordination, conventional practices are being challenged in pursuit of increased value for every dollar spent. The I-65 & Worthsville Road Interchange project provided an early demonstration of these new approaches to planning, design and construction. CMT is proud of its role in introducing and advancing these concepts for doing more with less.

The Worthsville Road & I-65 Interchange was conceived as a way to spur economic development, improve localized mobility patterns and advance community growth plans by providing an extension to an existing corridor improvement that would create an East-West Connector through Morgan, Johnson and Shelby counties.

This project introduced the very first new access Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) to the state of Indiana, a development that came about by taking a non-textbook approach to selecting an interchange type. This began early in the planning process, when the team actively engaged area stakeholders to clearly define the objectives specific to this project. The design team then used this information, along with a clear understanding of traffic patterns, to employ the value engineering principle of functional analysis so that all decisions were made in consideration of getting the most value out of each objective. Ultimately, these goals and objectives became the backbone of the project development:

  • Develop an interchange alternative that would support the existing and future traffic patterns and would enhance mobility on both the interstate and arterial corridors.
  • Engage agency and public stakeholders early in project development to set a framework of expectations.
  • Evaluate project design decisions as a function of reducing total project cost.

“Working with CMT has been a breath of fresh air. [CMT] exhibits expert knowledge in the field of tranportation. Often if time or questions arose, I found that CMT had already considered or prepared for what could have become a surprise item or circumstance. I feel that CMT is an industry leader. The trust, confidence, and rapport that they build with their clients results in excellent customer service.”

Kimberlee Peters, Project Manager Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Seymour District