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Water Treatment Plant Retrofit

City Water, Light & Power, Springfield, IL

The city-owned water utility in Springfield, Illinois, credited their ability to meet record high demand during a summer heat wave to an innovative upgrade that increased capacity by 67 percent. CMT performed the first-ever retrofit of a water clarifier with helical upflow reactor (ClariCone) technology, at a cost almost $1.25M below the cost of a new unit. The utility now treats more water to a higher quality in the retrofit unit, while using identical water treatment chemistry in all clarifiers.

The unit's capacity was increased from 6 mgd to 10 mgd, while retaining the original 70-foot diameter footprint on a constrained site. In addiiton, the retrofit unit eliminates motor-driven scraper components, promotes improved treatment chemical performance, reduces turbidity, and increases removal of organics and curtails maintenance time and expense.

This project received an Honor Award from the Council of Engineering Companies/Illinois