Indianapolis International Airport Taxiway H with Terminal

Indianapolis International Airport Taxiway H Under Construction with FedEx Plane

Indianapolis International Airport Taxiway H Duct Bank

Indianapolis International Airport Taxiway H with CMT Staff and Truck with Terminal

Time is Money

Fast-Track & Traditional Rehabilitation of Taxiway H with LED Conversion

Indianapolis Airport Authority | Indianapolis, IN

Time is money.  Such was the case for the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) on a project to rehabilitate one of its key taxiways while also replacing old lighting with new circuits and LED fixtures. Taxiway H is the primary east-west midfield taxiway, along with two short connector Taxiways H1 and H2.

When Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) was selected, the original $6 million project was programmed to be delivered under an 8-month design schedule. However, we suggested there would be benefit in accelerating the design to take advantage of available discretionary dollars and a more favorable bidding environment.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority accepted and immediately tasked CMT to separate the work into two packages and fast-track the western most portion between the main passenger terminal and Runway 14/32, requiring full plans and specs within 6 weeks after starting work. CMT then beat the challenge delivering ready-to-advertise bid documents – resulting in acceptable bids and contract award – in just 28 days from starting design.

The second design package, Rehabilitate Taxiways H (east), H1 and H2 had a variety of complex concrete and asphalt pavement structures and required a detailed in-depth field investigation to fully understand the existing conditions. The pavement surfaces were heavily distressed in some areas and only lightly damaged in others. CMT used our airfield pavement expertise to evaluate the root-cause of the pavement distresses and develop customized repair strategies for each area that would focus repair funds in the most appropriate areas.

The pavement solutions allowed the rehabilitation to be optimized, increasing overall PCI levels in the most economical way while extending pavement life well into the future. The construction of the project was also highly successful.

Project Contact(s)

Greg Heaton, PE, CM, AICP

Project Service(s)

  • Design and Construction Engineering
  • Economic Development
  • Electrical/NAVAIDs
  • Environmental Services
  • Funding Assistance
  • Pavement Management
  • Planning
  • Program Development
  • Permitting, Regulatory Coordination and Compliance
  • Site Selection/Feasibility
  • Stormwater Management