City Water Light & Power Aerial

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) received two Special Achievement awards at the annual American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC-IL) Engineering Excellence Awards banquet held in Bloomington on February 11.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized by a jury of our peers in the engineering industry,” said Bernie Held, Director of CMT’s Water Resources Unit. “The ACEC awards are a reflection of the value that we work hard to provide our clients on every project.”

CMT was recognized for leading the major Waterworks Improvement Project at CWLP’s facility on Lake Springfield that includes an intake structure, pumps and treatment equipment. This was one of the most significant infrastructure improvement projects that the has been undertaken at the treatment facilities in the past 60 years. Innovative design solutions were incorporated to reduce construction and operating costs.

“Throughout its history, CWLP has been an incubator for new solutions and technologies that other utilities eventually adopt,” Held said. “CMT has been fortunate to partner with CWLP over the past several decades to help develop these exciting innovations.”

CMT also has a long-term relationship with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and was recognized by ACEC-IL for working with IDOT in introducing a first-of-its-kind interchange design to southern Illinois. The Single Point Urban Interchange Project on I-57 in Marion replaced a traditional clover leaf interchange with a new configuration that increases safety and facilitates traffic flow by eliminating dangerous traffic weaving movements.