On Saturday February 27, 2016, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) Companies held its annual stockholder meeting at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, Illinois. Continuing the firm’s tradition of ongoing leadership transition, the following appointments were recommended and approved.

Corporate Officers

Additions and transitions were made to the list of corporate officers, including the election of new vice presidents Stan Hansen, Greg Heaton and Eric Hansen.

Bill Bailey was also elevated to executive vice president and secretary, and Tom Roy to senior vice president and chief financial officer. The full list of officers is as follows:

Daniel R. Meckes             Chairman, President and CEO
William L. Bailey, Jr.         Executive Vice President and Secretary
Michael J. Doerfler           Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Louis H. Dixon                  Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Bernard D. Held                Senior Vice President
Bruce L. Jacobson            Senior Vice President
Thomas W. Roy                Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Brian R. Welker                Vice President
Roger A. Austin                 Vice President
Charles E. Taylor              Vice President
Kevin D. Nelson                Vice President
Stanley P. Hansen            Vice President
Gregory E. Heaton           Vice President
Eric J. Hansen                  Vice President

Board of Directors

Transitions were also made with the election of two new directors, including Brian Welker and Stan Hansen. Coming off the board after 18 years of service is Bruce Jacobson. The CMT Board of Directors is as follows:

Daniel R. Meckes
William L. Bailey, Jr.
Louis H. Dixon
Michael J. Doerfler
Bernard D. Held
Thomas W. Roy
Roger A. Austin
Brian R. Welker
Stanley P. Hansen