Drone in Flight

On August 29, the new Part 107 – Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) regulations become effective. These highly-anticipated regulations will allow for widespread commercial operations of UAS across the United States. There are a reported 20,000 registered commercial UAS operators and 3,400 people are already signed up to take the sUAS test. It is expected that these counts will continue to grow.

With this change of regulations in mind, there will soon be a significant increase in the number of UAS within the National Airspace System. While the majority of these operations should be conducted in a safe manner, it does not negate the new demand on the airspace system. Many airports may find themselves with questions, concerns, or even opportunities regarding the influx of UAS in and around their airspace.

In order to promote the growth of the burgeoning UAS industry, while keeping the airspace safe, we need to work together. If you have questions or concerns about UAS, CMT is here to help. Please direct inquiries to UAS@cmtengr.com.