At the Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter 14th Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner held April 20, 2017, CMT was honored with the Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award for their West Florissant Avenue Great Streets project.

CMT has proven its leadership in promoting diversity, as demonstrated through various firm-driven initiatives and verified by external recognition of those efforts.  In 2012, CMT was recognized by the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce with its Outstanding Business of the Year Award for work in promoting minority student involvement in the civil engineering and construction industry.  Then in 2013, the External Civil Rights Division of MoDOT presented CMT with its “Consultant of the Year” Award for having the highest DBE participation (by revenue) on MoDOT project receiving federal funding.  In 2017, CMT was awarded this same award.

CMT’s understanding of how a diversified team enhances projects led CMT to expand its approach for OJT’s and diversity within project teams to the West Florissant Avenue Great Streets project.  CMT’s approach is enhancing the Project’s public engagement, providing opportunities for youth and other professional team members, and providing a better understanding of the challenges, issues and potential solutions for the project.