ASCE Scholarship Winner Doctor 2017

One of CMT’s co-operative engineering students from Purdue University, Alexandra Doctor, was awarded the ASCE, Metropolitan Indianapolis Branch’s scholarship.

What is a co-operative student? Purdue co-operative students gain real-world experience through 12-22 months of practical experience while earning a competitive while. Students work for the same employer, allowing them to establish a long relationship, work on more projects and take on increasingly responsible roles in their workplaces.

The ASCE scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student from the state of Indiana studying at the Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University.

Pictured are Bill Bailey, CMT executive vice president and Purdue alumni, and CMT’s co-operative student from Purdue and scholarship recipient, Alexandra Doctor. Ms. Doctor was awarded the scholarship at the Lyles School of Civil Engineering’s 2017 Scholarship and Awards Banquet held September 22nd at Carnahan Hall on Purdue University’s campus in Lafayette, IN.