Brian Welker

Brian Welker, PE

Bailey, Bill

William Bailey, PE, SE

Nelson, Kevin

Kevin Nelson, PE

Pape, Dan

Dan Pape, PE

Williams, Allison

Allison Williams

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) has promoted five staff members into new leadership positions.

Transitioning into the role of Chief Operating Officer for the firm is Brian Welker, PE. He has served as Aurora/Rockford Offices Aviation Group Manager, Director of IT and Aurora office co-manager. He assumes the role from Mike Doerfler, PE, who will continue to serve in an advisory capacity.

Executive Vice President William (Bill) Bailey, PE, SE has been named corporate Human Resources Officer. Bailey, who is based in CMT’s Indianapolis office, also serves as the firm’s Chief Structural Engineer. He assumes the role from Bernie Held, PE, who will continue to serve in an advisory capacity.

Kevin Nelson, PE, Group Manager of the Aurora Highways and Bridges Group, will take on added role as co-manager of CMT’s Aurora, IL office with Welker. Dan Pape, PE is the new Aurora/Rockford Offices Aviation Group Manager.

At the Springfield, IL headquarters, Allison Williams has been appointed CMT’s Marketing Group Manager.

The above management changes represent our continuous and seamless leadership transitions that have been a strength of CMT for many years. CMT would like to thank these individuals for their leadership and the stability they provide as the firm continues to focus on providing optimal value to its clients.