CMT employees volunteered for the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ 2018 Service2Go today, October 9, 2018. CMT’s group was asked to help assemble 400 “smile kits” for Southside Early Childhood Center (SECC).  SECC is a child care center that promotes high quality early childhood education for at-risk children.  In addition, SECC provides a wide range of health services through partner agencies, including dental, hearing and vision screenings as well as weekly visits from nurse practitioners.  The “smile kits” CMT volunteers put together will be provided to SECC children for their dental health.  Each kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a brushing timer, coloring pages of dental hygiene tips and a special note personally made by volunteers – CMT volunteers!

We would also like to thank Krysta Grangeno, Family Partnership Director at SECC who provided volunteers with a short presentation regarding the SECC program, United Way coordinators Amy Schroeder and Rick Skinner for coordinating this effort and two movers from Two Men and a Truck who graciously volunteered to be the logistics partner helping transport all the kits.

Thank you to (back row left to right) Heather Gipp, Sheldon Menezes, Michael Loseille, Matt Sainz, Justin Steinkuehler. (Front Row L-R): Reem Naser, Chloe Howenstein, Jenny Salls, Jenny Huber, (not pictured in featured group photo) Dan Meckes, Raed Armouti, Kevin Fuller, Brian Bloodworth, Scott Hanson, Darrion Harris, Josh Jolliff, Gerald Jones, John Keeven, Dave Nauman, Nikki Patke, and Vicki Ursin from CMT for volunteering.