We take check fraud seriously.

It has come to our attention that various individuals have received fraudulent checks appearing to be addressed from Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT). We take such scams seriously, and we have notified the appropriate authorities in an effort to put a stop to the fraudulent activity.

In addition, we’d like to help you protect yourself from criminals who use trusted brands like ours to scam unwitting victims through unexpected, fraudulent checks.

Fraudulent, counterfeit check scams are a sophisticated crime offering surprise or unexpected money to random individuals. The check will often arrive in the mail with no instructions or additional information, and once deposited, the bank will likely hold the victim responsible for the amount to be returned, plus fees. In addition, in some cases, if the scammer has access to an image of the cashed check, the endorsement could reveal the victim’s bank account number.

If you believe you may have received a fraudulent check from CMT, please contact our accounting and billing department (questions@cmtengr.com or 217-572-1035) to verify the payment.

In addition, we encourage you to contact the agencies below to report the fraudulent activity.