Recently, CMT’s own Abbey Buehler was on the team that provided a presentation at the second annual GeoMEast 2018 International Congress and Exhibition held in Cairo, Egypt.  GeoMEast 2018 provided a showcase for recent development and advancements in design, construction and safety inspections of transportation infrastructure and offered a forum to discuss and debate future directions for recent rapid construction in Egypt and the Middle East.

The team providing the presentation included, Abbey Buehler, CMT engineer, Amir Al-Khafaji, executive director of Center for Emerging Technologies in Infrastructure (CETI) and professor of engineering and construction at Bradley University as well as Ethan Druszkowski, Strand Associates engineer.  The presentation, “Validation of Compression Index Approximations Using Soil Liquid Limit” focused on provided regression approximations relating fine-grained soil compression index to its liquid limit. Using more data points and a method of determining the regression approximations that has never been used for this purpose before, a model was developed that more precisely reflects what is seen in practice.

The two-day event was also attended by Dan Meckes, chairman and CEO of CMT, and his wife; Dan Gallagher, chief operating officer of Gallagher Asphalt, and his son as well as Scott Reeise, former director of public works for the City of Peoria.