The United Way and the NFL – A Partnership

On Wednesday, during CMT’s United Way Campaign Week, professionals at all our offices showed their team spirit by wearing the gear of their favorite NFL team, recognizing the partnership between United Way and the NFL.

For over 40 years, the NFL has partnered with the United Way to strengthen America’s communities. Together, they’re raising awareness about childhood obesity and helping families lead healthier lifestyles.

Indianapolis, IN Office

(From left to right, front row) Ron Miller, Claudia McAllister-Peterson, and Melanie Reddick; (From left to right, back row) Drew Burgess, Brad Summers, Jerry Bollinger, Nic Hoevener, Derek Hammond, Sean Smith and Bill Bailey

Springfield, MO Office

Garri Ann Conway
(From left to right) Jim Box, Garri Ann Conway, and Dallas Joplin
Jim Box

Jacksonville, FL Office

(From left to right) Paul Ina, Gary Sneddon, Kaz Bishop, Bill Jankowski, Sridevi Davuluri, and Wallace Sanders

Aurora, IL Office

Patrick VerHalen
Jeremy Metz
Doug Klonowski
Cassandra Armin

Columbus, OH Office

(From left to right) Brian Kotter, Christine Rettig, Kathleen Link, Jason Thomas (United Way Presenter), Rob Cunningham, Bridget Erri, Mike Vannatta and Gio Hansel
Jason Thomas, a United Way representative, provides a presentation

Kansas City, MO Office

Carrie Dilley

Cleveland, OH Office

Shannon Barnhart
Jake Barbour and Shannon Barnhart (sort of)

Springfield, IL Office

Joe Miller
(From left to right) Jennifer Smith, Chris Smith, and Jon Jacobson
Collin Kontio

St. Louis, MO Office

Showing their love for the St. Louis Blues hockey team – (From left to right, back row) John Keeven, Michael Lorenz, Josh Jolliff, Jay Rakers, Ron Leible, and Scott Hanson; (from left to right, front row) Jenny Salls, Ellen Hogrebe, Cassie McKee, Angie Franklin, Joe Wendl, and Vicki Ursin

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