Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) elected its Corporate Officers and Board of Directors at its annual meeting in February, at the Wyndham City Center in downtown Springfield, IL. CMT would like to thank these employees for their leadership and dedication to the firm.

A transition of board member positions happened at the annual meeting as well. Congratulations to Raed Armouti, Vice President and Director of Water Resources from St. Louis, MO; Ty Sander, St. Louis Aviation Group Manager; and Shelby Ingle, Director and Project Manager from Springboro, OH who are joining the CMT Board of Directors. Transitioning from the board are Charles E. Taylor and Christina L. Crites who have provided valuable leadership to the board and CMT overall.

The entire 2020 CMT Board of Directors is as follows:

Daniel R. Meckes – Chairman
William L. Bailey
Roger A. Austin
Brian R. Welker
Stanley P. Hansen
Bradley M. Hamilton
Adam J. Burns
Raed Armouti
Ty Sander
Shelby Ingle

The structure of the Board of Directors reflects our growth and desire to transition and promote our leadership.

The following individuals were elected as corporate officers:

Daniel R. Meckes, Chairman
William L. Bailey, President
Brian R. Welker, Senior Vice President
Roger A. Austin, Senior Vice President and Secretary
Stanley P. Hansen, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Bruce L. Jacobson, Senior Vice President
Charles E. Taylor, Senior Vice President
Bradley M. Hamilton, Senior Vice President
Raed A. Armouti, Senior Vice President
Roger L. Driskell, Senior Vice President
David L. Burkum, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Kevin D. Nelson, Vice President
Gregory E. Heaton, Vice President
Eric J. Hansen Vice President
Christina L. Crites, Vice President
Adam J. Burns, Vice President
Ty C. Sander, Vice President
Scott A. Knebel, Vice President
Kevin P. Fuller, Vice President
Stephen J. Prange, Vice President
Shelby R. Ingle, Director