Tappenbeck, IPAA Lifetime Member

Terry Tappenbeck, who recently joined CMT as a real estate specialist, has been recognized by the Illinois Public Airport Association (IPAA) as a Lifetime Member. This award honors Terry’s career-long contributions to Illinois aviation.

Terry joined CMT in February 2021, after retiring in 2020 from a 35-year career with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) – Division of Aeronautics. While with IDOT, he served in many roles from Land Acquisition Manager to Chief of Land Acquisition, where he oversaw various types of land acquisition, relocation, and property management programs for airports across the state.

“Terry’s contributions to the aviation community have been significant through his tenure and are a key reason we are proud to have him as part of the CMT family,” says Brad Hamilton, CMT’s Director of Aviation Services. “He has been a true advocate for aviation, while also a trusted advisor to airports, the FAA, and even landowners engaged in the land acquisition process.”

We at CMT are very proud of Terry’s recognition by IPAA. With his distinguished career at IDOT and this award, Terry’s real estate experience is truly a significant asset to CMT and our airport clients.