To our Missouri water system owners and operators who use a lime softening process and discharge residuals – there is a new requirement you should be aware of.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) is requiring all water treatment plants that use a lime softening process and discharge residuals to complete a Best Professional Judgement Study (BPJ Study), prior to renewing their Operating Permit. The BPJ Study evaluates the best method of disposal of lime softening residuals from the plant and assesses if the facility has sufficient infrastructure to discharge lime residuals without violation of MDNR requirements. Current technology used at the plant for lime residual management is compared to alternative technologies, and best management practices for improving the quality of residuals effluent are evaluated. An evaluation of the pH limit of the plant’s discharge may also be considered.

Our CMT Team and our partners at Geosyntec were successful in helping the Missouri American Water Central Plant become the first water treatment plant in Missouri to renew its operating permit in 2020 under these new requirements. Check it out here!

If you have any questions regarding BPJ studies, please contact questions@cmtengr.com and mention this article.