Updates to Bissell Point and Lemay Wastewater Treatment Facilities Projected to Create 200 New Jobs, Improve Air Quality, and Reduce Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Kokosing/Plocher (KP), a joint venture between Kokosing Industrial, Inc. and Plocher Construction Company, Inc. has been granted Notice To Proceed on the Solids Management Upgrades (SMU) project by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD). Part of MSD’s Project Clear (MSDPC), the nearly $900 million SMU project targets improving air quality, increasing energy efficiency, lowering operating and maintenance costs, and creating over 200 new jobs during construction and new high-tech jobs after completion.

“Over the last two years, the Kokosing/Plocher team has collaborated extensively to optimize the design to benefit MSD and MSD’s customers,” says Dennis Tinkler, PE, Project Manager with Kokosing/Plocher. “Leveraging our team’s experience in the design, construction, and operations of solids treatment, we aim to deliver world-class facilities that are safe, clean, reliable and efficient to operate over the coming decades.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue our working relationship with MSD to make much needed improvements to these plants,” said Nick Kampwerth, PE, Deputy Project Manager with Kokosing/Plocher. “As the local partner of the Kokosing/Plocher team, we are proud to be a part of such a unique project that will provide the means of efficient and environmentally friendly handling of biosolids for the metro St. Louis community now and for generations to come.”

SMU will design and construct new facilities under a design-build approach, equipping with industry leading technology for the stabilization of biosolids at the Bissel Point and Lemay wastewater treatment facilities. Using fluidized bed technology, the new facilities will result in a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient operation. The SMU will be designed by a team of engineers, led by Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT).

“Given MSD’s status as the nation’s fourth-largest sewer system, this project is unique in both size and complexity,” says Design Lead and CMT Sr. Vice President and Director of Water Resources Raed Armouti, PE. “The CMT team is honored to be trusted with design on this landmark project, which will benefit MSD and the communities it serves for many years to come.”

The improvements implemented through SMU are projected to:

  • Reduce air emissions by 70% – a significant leap forward in air quality enhancement for the communities MSD serves
  • Lower the ongoing maintenance costs currently associated with operating facilities more than 60 years old that uses technology 40 years older
  • Create 200 new jobs during construction, as well as permanent high-tech positions upon completion

The utilization of Design-Build is targeted at helping MSD save time on construction while also reducing risks of construction overruns. Kicking off on July 24, 2023, the project has completion planned for fall 2028. Groundbreaking is set for April 2024, and final design will continue through fall of the same year.

About Kokosing/Plocher

Kokosing/Plocher, LLC (KP) is a joint-venture between Kokosing Industrial (Westerville, OH) and Plocher Construction (Highland, IL) dedicated to the Solids Management Upgrades in St. Louis, MO. The industry-leading KP team combines the experience of large-scale solids management construction with the local knowledge and resources needed for the project’s unique scale and complexity.

About CMT

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly is a planning, engineering, and consulting firm with 25 offices across nine states. The firm’s mission is to provide superior infrastructure solutions, responsive to clients’ needs and expectations, while fostering growth and development for employees.