CoP Traffic Engineering
CMT’s interns are an essential part of our workforce. It is an honor to offer experiences that provide a solid foundation to the students of today who will soon be the leaders of tomorrow. Read on to learn about recent experiences in the CMT Internship Program.
Cole, Charles Tice

My experience has been great! My team has been really patient with me and allowed me to grow accustomed to the new environment and space. I have been able to get hands-on with many programs and have learned a lot from the other members. I feel extremely welcomed, and everyone has allowed me to feel comfortable.

Crystal C., Northwestern University

Intern in Springfield, IL

Lee_Cassie square

I have been introduced to road design and the steps needed for phase 1 of projects. Most of my work has been on OpenRoads Designer, which has been a new experience for me. Everyone I have met has been pleasant to work with, and they are all very helpful when I ask questions.

Connor C., Purdue University

Intern in Indianapolis, IN

Eads, Brian

My internship has been great, and I have been provided with a variety of work. It has been a great learning experience, and I can truly get the feel for what it’s like to be an engineer.

Nathan W., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Intern in Springfield, IL

Cole, Charles Tice

My internship has been excellent, and it’s very different from anything they teach you in college. I enjoyed it, I felt a part of the team, and I looked forward to coming into the office. It has been a wonderful learning experience!

Makenzie W., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Intern in St. Louis, MO

Cole, Charles Tice
My CMT internship has been an incredible experience. I learned an incredible amount of knowledge in water resources, all while working in a tight-knit team here in the Evansville, IN, office. I have greatly enjoyed touring different water treatment plants and seeing all of the different ways that CMT is involved at the community level.
Vince W., University of Southern Indiana

Intern in Evansville, IN