CMT Recognition Summer 2023

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) holds company-wide meetings throughout the year to provide progress updates on strategic initiatives, share insights across disciplines and geographies, and recognize professional excellence and outstanding contributions. The CMT Recognition program is an annual highlight of accomplishments across the firm. CMT’s Recognition Committee selected from a pool of employee-nominated colleagues and projects, and the winners were announced by CEO and President Bill Bailey, PE, SE, and other key staff. Congratulations to the well-deserving teams and individuals. For a comprehensive recap of the event, please continue reading as we outline the highlights below:

Recognizing Individual Excellence

The CMT Recognition Program reflects the firm’s commitment to expressing gratitude for employee achievements and excellence.

2023 Above & Beyond Award

Above & Beyond Awards are presented to individuals for their outstanding performance in one of the following categories:​

  • Extraordinary contribution made toward the successful completion of a technical project​;
  • Extraordinary contribution made toward the elimination of a quality problem or significant improvement of a process​;
  • Outstanding overall contribution in support of team performance goals​; and
  • Outstanding contribution made through leadership of or extensive involvement in a professional society.
Andrew Schlichting headshot

Emily Munday, PE, CESSWI

Professional Dedication Award

The Professional Dedication Award recognizes employees who have shared expertise with others in their profession by writing papers for publications or preparing and delivering presentations to professional organizations.

Joel Koenig, PE, ENV SP

Greg Maxwell

Jared Wigger, PE

Allen Smith, PE, SE

Community Service Award

This award recognizes an employee’s exemplary service to their community and their overall representation of CMT’s values and guiding principles.

Andrew Schlichting headshot

Justin Steinkuehler, PE

Congratulations to Those Celebrating 40-Year Anniversaries at CMT

CMT celebrates the remarkable achievements of seven team members who hit 40-year milestones with the firm: Craig Carey; Dan Meckes, PE; Jim Ohse; Chuck Taylor, PE; Brian Welker, PE; Kevin Nelson, PE; Terry Landon, PLS.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation (CI²) Awards

CMT is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, an ongoing effort to improve processes and implement innovations to enhance the delivery of our services. The initiative supports CMT’s mission and has perpetually been an integral part of CMT’s business success model. The following awards celebrate those who consistently champion continuous improvement.


CI² Monthly Award Winners


Eric Hills​, PE, ENV SP


Edgar Rosales​


Brad Fotsch​, PE


Rick Huber​, PE


Betsy Meulendyke, PE



Jake Moore



Heather Lacey, PMP



Konner Dudley


CI² Project Impact Awards

CI² Project Impact Awards recognize individuals or teams who completed a CI² project that demonstrates a significant impact to improvement and innovation at CMT.

Bluebeam Quality Control Process

Betsy Meulendyke, PE

IT Process for Onboarding & Offboarding

Jake Moore

Aaron Wake

Jon Jacobson

Paul Johnson

Career Fair Ambassador Program

Kristy Allen

Angie Koester

Tamia Williams

CI² Knowledge Sharing Award​s

CI² Knowledge Sharing Awards are presented to an individual or team for significant contribution toward sharing of knowledge within their group or companywide. This could include presenting internal learning/training, developing and sharing best practices, contributions to resource and technology management, and more.

Jim Box, MSCE

Matthew Smith

Larry Wilson

Technical Project Excellence Awards

Technical Project Excellence Awards are presented to teams that have delivered a particularly innovative project or provided superb service to their client.

New Wastewater Treatment Plant #4 | Duckett Creek Sanitary District

Project Manager: Adrianne Eilers, PE, ENV SP

Team: Rick Huber, PE; Jason Shurtz, PE, ENV SP; Terry Landon, PLS; David Jack, PE; Michael Lorenz, AIA; Lane Rumple; Justin Steinkuehler, PE; Heather Gipp, PE, ENV SP; Amanda Withers, PE, ENV SP; Scott Knight, PE, ENV SP; Dylan Buechler, EI, ENV SP; David Shelton, PE, ENV SP; Jason Clark, PE, CPESC, CESSWI

MIA-West Main Street Reconstruction | City of Troy, OH & ODOT D7



Project Manager: Shelby Ingle, PE

Team: Rob Heady; Kevin Miller, PE, PTOE; Jacob Vangunten, EI; Jake Barbour, PE, ENV SP; Ahmad Ashiq; Giovanni Hansel, PE; Mike Metz


Project Manager: Josh Lockhart, PE

Team: Scott Knebel, PE; Rob Cunningham, PE; Marion Wells; Craig Gallant; Kevin Miller, PE, PTOE; Larry Wilson; Jacob Vangunten, EI; Austin Clarridge; Nathan Brickner, EI; Cassie Lee, PE; Giovanni Hansel, PE; Beth Sliemers, PE

Main Street Watermain Improvements | City of Normal, IL

Project Manager: Scott DeSplinter, PE, CFM

Team: Abbey Bueler, PE; Maddie Hawkins, EI; Jerry Gardner; Craig Butler; Michael Beck