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Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) was proud to partner with a longtime client, Chicago Rockford International Airport, to modernize its asset management practices.

As Rockford’s planning and design provider since 1978, CMT’s unique expertise in the comprehensive lifecycle management of airport infrastructure – spanning planning, design, construction, and asset management – proved invaluable for Rockford’s asset management project.

CMT Asset Management System Specialist, Jim Box, said, “We have developed a strong relationship with Rockford over the years… so we welcomed the opportunity to help the airport modernize its asset inventory and workflow processes, and to achieve digital Part 139 certification.”

CMT implemented the Trimble Cityworks Asset Management Solution for Rockford in a brief three-month period. The team’s work ensured that the digital processes complied with Part 139 regulations. After one round of FAA assessment and within three months of its launch, the FAA approved Rockford’s use of the digital solution for Part 139 compliance.

This digital asset management system has streamlined workflows, improved FAA compliance, and enhanced inspection efficiency. With easy access to the historical system of record of each asset, Rockford now has better data and better insights that fuel more informed decisions regarding asset lifecycle and risk analysis.

“Based on our years of experience serving commercial service airports and being a trusted advisor for Rockford,” said Box, “we were able to understand their workflows and processes, provide insights and recommendations, and tailor Rockford’s asset management environment to fit the airport’s needs, both now and in the future. This holistic approach was extremely helpful in facilitating successful outcomes.”

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