CoP Traffic Engineering

CMT Communities of Practice bring together team members across the firm who have similar talents, skills, and interests. Together, Community of Practice members are building thriving cross-functional networks, sharing knowledge and expertise, and creating paths for individual and firm-wide growth and innovation. In this ongoing series, CMT is highlighting each of its Communities of Practice and showcasing the value these networks provide to their members, to CMT’s clients, and to the firm.

Year Established

Number of Members


  • Bring together colleagues who have expertise in airfield design, with specialties spanning planning, design, construction, environmental, noise analysis, air service development, and land acquisition
  • Foster connections and collaboration across CMT’s geographic footprint of 25 offices
  • Provide opportunities for members to become familiar with – and learn about – CMT’s many in-house specialties and capabilities across the discipline of airfield design
  • Create a conversational atmosphere for members of all experience levels to share their areas of interest and expertise


  • Community of Practice holds monthly presentations – on in-depth explorations of topics in planning, design, construction, environmental, noise analysis, air service development, and land acquisition – that empower team members to learn and grow
  • Community of Practice members provide colleagues with additional resources and support on an as-needed basis

CMT Airfield Design Community of Practice Member Voices:

airfield design community of practice member marissa kappelmann
The Aviation Business Unit at CMT is a diverse and knowledgeable team. As an aviation planner, I joined the Airfield Design CoP to connect with other aviation professionals at CMT and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the industry. Being exposed to various projects, methodologies, and lessons learned has been incredibly beneficial. The CoP allows me to learn from the experiences of other offices and specialties, which has broadened my understanding and sparked innovative thinking and solutions. The CoP also promotes a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within CMT Aviation, which enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our team.
Marissa Kappelman, CM, ACE

airfield design community of practice member justin zanger
No matter the age or level of experience, we are constantly learning as engineers. The Airfield Design CoP has been a great resource for our Aviation team to learn from our peers in a relaxed setting. I had the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from one of my first major construction projects and was amazed at the feedback and questions from my more-experienced colleagues, as they had not dealt with certain situations that I faced. Knowledge sharing is a critical part of a company’s sustainability and growth, and the CoP has been a great informal outlet for this communication.
Justin Zanger, PE