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People Waiting in Terminal

Air Service Development

Air Service development is a long-term initiative that begins with understanding an airport’s opportunity within the global air transportation network. The specialized air service development capabilities CMT offers is built on professional staff experience derived within the airline industry as well as the successful achievements working for communities to retain, expand and secure new air service.

The ever-changing dynamics of the airline industry means that factors beyond a community’s control can have a lasting impact on an airport’s flight portfolio. We specialize in helping our clients get out in front of these trends by identifying both the risks and opportunities. We use our airline network planning contacts and direct network planning experience to foster key relationships among our clients, local community stakeholders, and their airline partners.

CMT’s approach to air service development is practical, personal, and meaningful. Our insightful analyses and thoughtful recommendations are always candid, and we’ll never waste your time or resources chasing opportunities with limited potential for long-term success. We blend our “can-do” Midwestern work ethic with cautious optimism and realistic expectations to provide our clients with long-term success.

Representative Clients

Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport

Denver International Airport

Purdue University Airport

Tampa International Airport

McGhee Tyson Airport

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Grand Junction Regional Airport

Grand Junction Regional Air Service Alliance

Des Moines International Airport

Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Corpus Christi International Airport

"Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) provides air service development consulting services for Colorado Springs Airport (COS), and we have been very satisfied with the service, value, and results from their work. We have worked primarily with Rachel Shulman, with support from the broader CMT team, on multiple projects, specifically to support cases for increased air service at COS. CMT’s work has helped produce positive results, namely helping successfully secure new COS-Baltimore/Washington (BWI) nonstop service on Southwest Airlines, as well as increased service in other markets. We would be the first to recommend Rachel and CMT for any new air service development projects or work.”

Joe Nevill, Air Service Development Manager, Colorado Springs Airport

“From the moment that CMT began their interview during the selection process, I could immediately see that they were going to bring a new way of thinking to our air service development efforts. The most important competencies we were looking for in our ASD consultant was the combination of curiosity and creativity – they needed to be curious about market dynamics and show creativity in their approach…without a doubt, CMT has lived up to expectations and introduced a new perspective and energy in our discussions which has renewed our hope for a brighter future despite the impact of COVID on the industry.”

Ted Kitchens, AAE, Director of Aviation, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

“Harrison Earl is the type of advisor leaders dream of having on their team – bright, thoughtful, and a natural optimizer. He’s better than anyone I’ve ever worked with at delivering an optimal work product within the time available. He doesn’t come to us with how his solutions will solve our problems, but instead takes the time to understand our airport, goals, and problems. Plus, his humility makes him a resource that our entire team seeks advice and input from, adding value to the airport far beyond just air service.”

Angela Padalecki, Executive Director, Grand Junction Regional Airport

“As the first host airport for the CMT Connections conference, we were able to showcase opportunities for new flights and partnerships to a diverse group of participants. Welcoming airline and airport representatives is not just about connections in the air, but forging partnerships for success on the ground through personal connections. By fostering these connections, we not only elevate our Airport’s presence, but also forge city pair connection opportunities. Thank you CMT!”

Jon Stout, Airport Manager, Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport

“CMT’s commitment to analyzing the data, understanding the market and [its needs] in building a business case, is unmatched when compared with other firms... I benefit from working with our consultant, as he teaches me something new or a new way of interpreting the data each time we connect.”

Kayla Kovarna, Deputy Director of Communications and Air Service Development, Des Moines International Airport

“Nicholas Haan and the team at CMT provide us with outstanding service and support. They have a knack for really exploring the details of new air service opportunities to provide solid proposals to airlines. CMT’s data and projections have never been questioned by airline network planners, and in several cases CMT has presented information that airlines had not even considered…Nicholas and the CMT team speak the language of today’s airline planners. I could not be more pleased with our relationship, and what they have done for our airport.”

Jim Evans, Vice President - Marketing & Air Service Development, Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority

“I’ve enjoyed working with Nicholas [Haan] during his time at Alaska. He was incredibly professional, strategic, and consistently prompt to respond to any questions or inquiries. He understands not only the unique role airports serve in a community, but also the value of curated airline and airport engagement with key community partners. It has been great to work with Russ on-air service research. He brings a unique and welcomed perspective to aviation that bridges airport and community priorities.”

Maggie Bishop, Business Development Analyst, Indianapolis International Airport

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicholas Haan for several years, starting in 2007 when he was in Network Planning at Southwest Airlines and then at Alaska Airlines. Nicholas has always impressed me with his insight and approach to analyzing markets. He is quite intelligent, yet down-to-earth and amicable. Nicholas has a very fine reputation in the industry. As a consultant, I have no doubt that he would be instrumental in the success of the airports with whom he works.”

Valerie Wise, Air Service and Business Development Manager, Wichita Eisenhower National Airport


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Air Service Market Assessments

You will never feel more knowledgeable about your market than after an assessment by CMT. Using a detailed analysis of your local economy, demographics, and businesses, combined with an expert assessment of airline market performance, strategies, and opportunities, we will create a custom air service SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and translate it to a detailed air service action plan.

Airport Catchment Area Analysis

Using a revolutionary blend of location-based internet search data, U.S. Census data, and U.S. DOT air traffic data, CMT can provide you a complete picture of passenger behavior in your region. Unlike traditional catchment studies that require “adjustments” for low-cost carriers, our Catchment Analysis accounts for all carriers and is the most complete source of airport catchment data in the market. Additionally, while most other catchment studies focus on outbound demand only, our Catchment Analysis can track visitors to your community and determine their final destination.

Route Analysis, Forecasting, and Benchmarking

We believe the most important aspect of Air Service Development is retention. Ensuring the success of your existing routes is key to getting more service. This starts by understanding performance. CMT leverages Air Service Development data to give you a clear picture of what is performing, lagging, and why. We track each route’s performance against the operating carrier’s other routes, so you always know where you stand. When seeking new opportunities, CMT utilizes a detail-oriented, data-driven approach to project a new route’s potential and size any challenges to long-term success.

Master Plan Forecasting from an Air Service Development Perspective

FAA models for airport planning are only a small piece of a quality master plan forecast. CMT uses our substantial airline network planning experience to conduct long-term forecasting from an Air Service Development perspective. We incorporate your community’s specific market factors plus current and future industry trends to create a solid-yet-flexible demand model. Use it to anticipate your infrastructure needs based on varying market conditions.

Community Outreach

Straightforward, informative, and jargon-free communication of local and industry trends delivered to stakeholders in your community. Whether it be talking to the airport board, tourism authorities, or the public in general, we craft a message that is appropriate to the audience to gain alignment with achieving Air Service Development goals.

US DOT Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASD-P) Grant Proposals

We will assist in every detail of researching and developing SCASD-P grand applications, from identifying local matching funds to obtaining letters of support. Each application has a unique look and feel designed to put the community’s best foot forward. Don’t waste your biggest air service opportunity of the year on a firm that will use the same template for you and all of its other clients!

CMT Insights

An industry first, our collaborative workspace offers powerful yet user-friendly visualizations of relevant air service development data, complete with real-time interactions and interpretations from our expert staff.

Air Service Incentive Program Development and Benchmarking

We can develop a competitive and compelling Air Service Incentive Program for your airport or benchmark an existing Incentive Program against other airports and make recommendations for improving its effectiveness.

Economic Impact and Return on Investment Studies

CMT can determine the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts of your airport, of a specific airport project, or a new flight or route to the local community. When married with an airport or community-based incentive program, we can assist in educating stakeholders on the return of their incentive dollars to the local economy.

Air Service Reporting

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reporting based on your specific needs. No report is too large or too small, we have the technical expertise to deliver and interpret the data in a format most relevant to helping you achieve your goals.