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Park Over the Highway Completed with Museum Construction

Park Over the Highway Completed with Museum Construction

CMT Goes Solar in a Big Way

Sun IconCrawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) emphasizes economy and environmental stewardship to provide extra value to our clients. Now, we’re taking a page from our own book by going solar to power our headquarters in Springfield, IL.  As of July 31st, 2017, CMT’s solar panel project is fully operational.

Learn more about our system, how it benefits the community, and our partners who helped to build it.


total rooftop and carport panels

(3,762 CdTe thin film panels + 216 conventional panels)

largest carport solar project in the state of Illinois

size (kWp) of solar-power system

kWp = kilowatt peak


Crawford, Murphy & Tilly’s solar energy system provides approximately 90 percent of the electrical needs at our headquarters–an over 41,000-square-foot office building.

“The project not only makes sense to our bottom line as a business, but also allows us to demonstrate leadership in applying sustainability and renewable energy. As leaders in the infrastructure design world, this really makes sense,”  says Dan Meckes, CMT President and CEO.

This 393.68 kWp, solar-powered system was designed by WCP Solar Services of Naperville, IL. It generates roughly one-third of its power through solar panels installed on the building’s rooftop. It generates the rest from architecturally-enhanced, frameless, thin-film panels on a newly-constructed carport. This takes full advantage of the office’s parking lot space. 

According to WCP, this is the largest carport system of its kind in the state of Illinois. In addition to providing for CMT’s energy needs, the system also produces nearly 500 Renewable Solar Energy Credits each year. Further, WCP Solar employed local talent to complete and commission this system. These businesses include API Solar, O’Shea Builders, and B&B Electric.

units (kWh) of green electricity generated yearly

tons of CO2 reduced over 25 years

amount of planted trees needed to reduce the same amount of CO2


power consumption saved yearly

annual Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) earned

amount of homes' electrical use equal to annual CO2 emissions saved


On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, CMT hosted a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the launch of our solar-powered system at the company headquarters. CMT was presented with a formal Proclamation signed by former Governor Rauner, as well as a Senate Recognition Certificate signed by Senator Bill Brady and former Senate President John Cullerton, to recognize this project. Thank you to all those who attended. Additional thanks to those CMT employees who made the event a success and those who made the project itself a reality.


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CMT's Solar Roof

CMT’s Solar Project in Final Phase

CMT HQ Roof Solar Panels

CMT Goes Big With Solar