143rd Street Extension

Village of Plainfield, IL

The 143rd Street Extension – driven by the need to alleviate traffic congestion in Plainfield’s downtown area – consists of a new roadway and a 950-foot bridge over the DuPage River. The roadway extension included the design of three intersections: IL Route 59, Naperville Road, and IL Route 126. The improvement will allow regional traffic to bypass a busy at-grade railroad crossing with the Canadian National Railroad. IL Route 126 will be rerouted to this new facility upon completion.

Once CMT completed the designs and environmental studies for the client, we worked with the community to develop and deploy a funding strategy to support the project’s ultimate implementation. CMT assisted in securing funds – $50.5M of the $66.6M in project costs from five non-local sources – including grant writing for a USDOT INFRA Grant Award. The project was one of only 24 projects selected for grants in the Fiscal Year 2021 program.

Thank you for all of your work and for coordinating this effort. I am proud to work with such a great team!

Allen Persons, Director of Public Works (retired)

Village of Plainfield, IL

Project Contact(s)

Ally Fields, Eric Hansen, PE, CSM

Project Service(s)

  • Budget Development
  • Funding Assistance
  • Funding Strategy Development
  • Funding Opportunity Tracking and Evaluation
  • Grant Application Preparation
  • Grant Writing and Advisement
  • Public Outreach and Education