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Quad City International Airport

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Airport Geographic Information System

Quad City International Airport (MLI) | Moline, IL

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) has been assisting Quad City International Airport in building a GIS-centric asset management platform. We have overseen data collection and data standards compliance, and trained airport staff to use the proper software and techniques for usage.

The GIS effort began well before the FAA adopted its Airport Geographic Information System (AGIS) standard for data collection. Initial focus was driven by a need to create a comprehensive utility database for use by the airport and future contractors. Once the FAA’s AGIS initiative went into effect, CMT helped the airport with securing the necessary funding to develop a much broader AGIS system to meet the FAA standards.

Content implemented to date includes a robust utility dataset built upon a large repository of record drawings calibrated against aerial mapping and GPS field surveys. Data attribution includes sizes, materials, elevations and construction dates.

In addition to utility data the AGIS includes details on pavements, navigational aids, obstruction data, airport structures, land parcels, security data and environmental impacts.

The benefits of the AGIS project extend to the airport and all of its suppliers/contractors. CMT provides hosting services for the data via ArcServerĀ®. Maps and data are readily available to whomever is granted access to the database, without having to research old record drawings, countless file drawers, county records, or other documentation.

Project Contact(s)

Bradley Hamilton, PE, CM

Project Service(s)

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)