Comprehensive Environmental Services

FAR Part 150 Noise and Land Use / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Air Quality Analysis

LaGuardia Airport | Queens, NY

CMT’s environmental team has provided various environmental services for LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

CMT Environmental Scientists provided technical analysis for the first-ever FAR Part 150 Aircraft Noise Study for LGA. Existing 2016 and future 2021 DNL noise contours were prepared for a Noise Exposure Maps (NEM) Report.

The environmental team has also prepared emissions inventories in support of the development of a potentially new Airtrain connecting LGA to several nearby locations. Our air quality experts developed the emissions inventories for construction activities using the Airport Construction Emissions Inventory Tool (ACEIT) for equipment types and activity levels. This data was combined with emission factors from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES). Emissions reduction benefits associated with future implementation and operation of the Airtrain were also evaluated.

Project Contact(s)

Robert Gross, PhD

Project Service(s)

  • Environmental Services
  • Modeling
  • Noise and Air Quality Studies, Modeling and Management