Lake Springfield Vision & Master Plan

City of Springfield, MO

Lake Springfield was identified as a redevelopment opportunity in the City’s future planning guide, “Forward SGF,” in 2021. With the goal of access and connectivity to the area for all modes of transportation, CMT led this landmark project to reimagine a valued community resource – transforming it from utilitarian to a catalyst for substantial regional impact.

Lake Springfield was formed when the James River in southeast Springfield, MO, was impounded in conjunction with the construction of a coal-fired power station for City Utilities of Springfield, which is now decommissioned. Funded largely through the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the US Department of Commerce, the project began with hydrological and environmental evaluations.

Based on those findings, a comprehensive reuse plan was developed for the power station, lake, and surrounding acreage as well as the various trails, waterways, and transportation infrastructure that it connects with.

This project extends beyond local interests, aiming to become a regional and national attraction, attracting spending and investments from outside the region. With the challenge of sediment accumulation properly mitigated during the planning process, improvements to Lake Springfield include a boathouse, marina, and boardwalks.

The dam on James River remains a significant decision with options ranging from dam removal to creating a controlled bypass channel for recreation. Additional aspects, like new access points into the park, are under consideration to manage increased traffic effectively. A finalized comprehensive plan was accepted by the Springfield City Council in April 2024.

Project Contact(s)

Stephen Prange, PE

Project Service(s)

  • Active Transportation Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Services
  • Facilities Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Grant Administration
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Integrated Master Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Multi-Use Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Planning
  • Program Development
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Sustainable Design