Downtown Bloomington Streetscape

Downtown Bloomington Streetscape

Downtown Bloomington Streetscape

Downtown Bloomington Streetscape

Downtown Bloomington Streetscape

Revitalizing Downtown Bloomington as a Pedestrian-Centric Hub for Transportation Mobility and Inclusivity 

Downtown For Everyone Streetscape Plan

City of Bloomington, IL

In August 2022, the City of Bloomington, IL, authorized CMT to begin development of an implementable multi-year plan for streetscaping and placemaking enhancements to revitalize Downtown Bloomington with a key focus on mobility and inclusivity.

The plan was adopted unanimously by the City Council in April 2024. Key recommendations of the Downtown Plan include:

  • Road diets on US-51 and other roadways, increasing pedestrian space within street right-of-ways;
  • Activation of dormant public areas to create opportunities for exciting events, such as video projection shows and outdoor concerts; 
  • Making all of Downtown Bloomington ADA accessible;
  • Improvement of various intersections to adjust traffic flow and enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists; 
  • Major infrastructure projects, such as separating all combined sewers Downtown and establishing underground detention to assist with flooding issues; 
  • Incorporation of bike lanes and providing connectivity to Constitution Trail; and 
  • Development of a streetscape style, comprised of colors, materials, fixtures, and pavement striping to elevate the aesthetic while giving Downtown Bloomington a unique and consistent sense of identity.

This first project consists of four blocks of reconstruction of the Main Street corridor including a “North Main Plaza.” The new street-section will include a road diet, beautification, and new pedestrian space. It will also include bicycle accommodations, ADA improvements, and new infrastructure, such as combined sewer separation and replacement of aged water mains and lead service lines. The Plaza will serve as both a parking lot and an event space for Downtown. Additionally, the Plaza will include an expansive underground detention system to address flooding concerns.

Improvements were supported with engineering analysis, traffic counts at intersections, and traffic modeling. The project involved a successful public outreach program designed to inform, solicit feedback, and create enthusiasm for the initiative. Key elements include a vibrant website by Clear Design, Community Open Houses, and individualized engagement with numerous stakeholders. CMT also engaged IDOT on US 51 resulting in a recommended roadmap that incorporated IDOT’s current plan as an initial stage toward a more balanced solution. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in March 2025.



Project Contact(s)

Christopher Stritzel, PE, Mike Sewell, PE, LEED AP

Project Service(s)

  • Civil/Site Engineering
  • Complete Streets & Streetscapes
  • Design and Construction Engineering
  • Planning
  • Program Development
  • Roadway Design
  • Traffic Studies, Management and Design