Accomplishing Community Vision Through Rail Consolidation

Rockford Railroad Consolidation

City of Rockford, IL

CMT led the City of Rockford through the largest capital improvement initiative in its history. Key elements include a major landmark bridge replacement, railroad consolidation, streetscape enhancements, and trail development, all of which are part of a community revitalization effort. This became a story of great success for the city, and one that CMT has been proud to be part of.

CMT’s planning promoted the idea of a rail consolidation to enhance a major river bridge project, and in the process, navigated the City through a myriad of railroad negotiations resulting in several complex agreements involving four railroads. Key project elements included total reconstruction and geometric alternatives for the realignment of approximately 0.7 miles of track with improvements to the existing diamond crossing interchanges, removal of four highway/grade crossings, and upgrading of five new at-grade crossings to high-speed rail standards. The City also benefited from opening up new valuable riverfront and the opportunity to extend its trail system. All design and permitting for the project was accomplished by CMT.

What’s more, CMT was also instrumental in securing the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) funding for the $5 million project at zero cost to the City.

Overall, this project resulted in a financial win for the bridge project, a win for the city overall, and a win for the railroads, which now have a more efficient network. CMT’s success and excellent rapport with the ICC and railroads has led to the City of Rockford selecting CMT for a multi-year contract to lead and coordinate rail-related improvements and permitting for the City.

Looks like all that planning and coordination during design is paying off. You put in years of hard work that only insiders could see. Now you get the payoff. The city is changing for the better after many years of degradation. Thank you!

City Engineer, City of Rockford, IL

Project Contact(s)

Stephen Prange, PE

Project Service(s)

  • Design and Construction Engineering
  • Funding Assistance
  • Public Involvement Coordination
  • Rail Crossing Consolidation
  • Rail Permitting