Approaching Infrastructure Improvements Through a Funding Lens

Galesburg Sanitary District, IL

Galesburg Sanitary District has been a CMT client for nearly 20 years. In 2018, after determining the client’s wastewater treatment plant required a full replacement, CMT began working to identify additional funding and financing opportunities that would make this significant investment possible.

CMT developed a long-term plan for the plant and recommended improvements be split into multiple phases. The phases were set to maximize the potential for Clean Water State Revolving Fund loans with principal forgiveness, to ensure a favorable green reserve interest rate for the largest capital cost phase, and to align to a logical construction sequence.

CMT assisted the client in securing principal forgiveness for SRF loans in the amount of $1,640,400 for the first phase of the project. CMT also assisted the District in putting together an application for – and obtaining $500,000 of – Rebuild Illinois Funding. By tracking and understanding emerging opportunities, CMT also assisted GSD in successfully obtaining $1.2M in Community Project Funding through the client’s local member of Congress in the first year of the updated Congressional “earmark” process.

Beyond simple qualifications, CMT works like an extension of our staff, getting to know our priorities and working to put us in the best position possible. When it comes to funding, they know what’s available and what might be coming down the road, which has helped set us up for success. They show that same care and expertise when assisting with applications.

Marshall Schrader, Superintendent

Galesburg Sanitary District

Project Contact(s)

Ally Fields, Christina Crites, PE, ENV SP

Project Service(s)

  • Budget Development
  • Funding Strategy Development
  • Funding Opportunity Tracking and Evaluation
  • Public Outreach and Education