William L. Bailey, PE, SE


“As design professionals, everything we do affects people. And, if we do our jobs well, it makes their lives better.”

That’s Bill’s guiding philosophy, whether he’s designing a bridge, mentoring staff or helping to lead CMT into the future as our President. He cares for the people he works for and the people he works with and is committed to providing them the very best.

It’s those leadership qualities that made him the right person to establish our practice in Indiana years ago. As the Indianapolis Office Manager, he has helped to grow an impressive team of professionals that deliver CMT’s brand of value-added services to Indiana clients.

As a top leader of CMT, his influence today extends across the entire CMT enterprise, where he oversees a variety of corporate functions including his role as Director of CMT’s Human Resources. He is also Chief Structural Engineer and Manager of CMT’s Continuous Improvement program, which has been instrumental over the years in enhancing our work processes to meet client expectations.

“Great people, excellent abilities, challenging and rewarding projects—that’s what makes me so proud to be a part of CMT.”


8790 Purdue Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268