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75 Years of Insight. Performance. Investment.

Reflecting on the Past.  Looking to the Future.

In 2021, CMT celebrated a 75-year history of delivering value to our clients and opportunities for our people. To us, 75 years means honoring the legacy we have helped our clients and staff to build. But it also means looking to the future.

What legacies will we build together in the next 75 years?

75 Years of Delivering our Mission and Values.


CMT began in Springfield, IL, in 1946 as three partners and a dream. Holed up in a small, second-floor office with no air conditioning and a temperamental landlord, Len Crawford, Pat Murphy, and Ray Tilly gave the firm a trial run of five years. Tilly even kept his day job until 1948, when it was clear that CMT was viable.

A lot has changed since 1946. However, the one thing that has remained constant is our values, particularly our dedication to our people, whether they be clients or staff.


Over the course of 2021, CMT released a series of videos that revisit the core values that enabled us to reach 75 years. We heard from many of those who have been at the center of CMT’s success—our people.

Reflections on 75 Years

“It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Ray, Pat, and I talked about our dream of starting an engineering firm. We had no idea what the future might bring. I remember telling Pat that, if we made for five years, we probably would continue.”

Leonard Crawford, Founder & Former CEO, with CMT from 1946 to 1985

“Give more than you get, I most strongly advise / The world beats the door for that kind of [guy].” (Poem, 1976)

Pat Murphy, Founder, with CMT from 1946 to 1980

“I interviewed with Don [Thompson] and Pat [Murphy], and they were just great guys…just the kind of people you want to work with and spend a career with, really.”

Cliff Baxter, Former CEO, with CMT from 1965 to 2013

“We spent some time and effort to find people that do share our values and do share a passion for engineering and successful projects…but we were also are pretty good at finding the right people to fill the right positions…because we cared about the people and treated them like family.”

Brian Whiston, Former CEO, with CMT from 1971 to 2015

“I am so proud to work alongside a group of people that genuinely care about each other, our clients and the communities where we live and work. Developing relationships that last a lifetime—with both our employees and clients—is what truly excites me.”

Dan Meckes, Chairman & CEO

“Throughout my 34-year career at Crawford Murphy and Tilly, we have been on a continuous journey and relentless pursuit of implementing our clients’ dreams and goals. When I think back even, I am amazed at the fact that for 30 years each project is been a part of another person’s dream or vision. Our ability to embrace our client’s goals, I believe, has been instrumental in what makes CMT successful.”

Dan Pape, Northern IL Aviation Group Manager, with CMT from 1987-Present

“As design professionals, everything we do affects people. And, if we do our jobs well, it makes their lives better…Great people, excellent abilities, challenging and rewarding projects—that’s what makes me so proud to be a part of CMT.”

Bill Bailey, President, with CMT from 1989-Present

“Over time, you learn how you view yourself and how you fit into the company and its culture. You become acutely aware of your strengths and what areas you will continually need to work on to grow. CMT couldn’t be a better place to realize your potential. That is one of its greatest legacies.”

Roger Austin, Secretary, Director of Marketing, with CMT from 1986-Present

“While it would be easy to count airports and projects to measure success, [Chuck’s] greatest legacy is the way he grew people…It is the quality I most admire in the man and hope to emulate myself.”

Ty Sander, St. Louis Aviation Group Manager, with CMT from 1999-Present

“Some of my fondest memories at CMT include time spent together outside of normal business hours at social events such as company golf outings, summer picnics, or holiday parties…it’s these memories that I will forever cherish, and what makes CMT a family.”

Chris Stritzel, Director of Bulding and Site Services, with CMT from 2006-Present

“Since Day One, I have felt CMT’s commitment and care for me as a person, not just an employee. But until this year, I had no idea just how personal and genuine that commitment was. The supportive family atmosphere at CMT is truly remarkable…CMT has created a deeply rooted culture where people are treasured and all voices are heard, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of that legacy.”

Ali Williams, Marketing Group Manager, with CMT from 2008-Present

“I’ve come to realize that it’s just as much about the relationships that we build internally to create our legacies and deliver for clients as it is the relationships that we build with our clients.”

Andy Bodine, Aviation Planner, with CMT from 2012-2017, 2018-Present

“For me, the second time was the charm and, from my perspective, the right path for me. Those experiences were invaluable and have allowed me to (hopefully) be a greater asset to CMT – enough to keep me around for six years at least.”

Josh Lockhart, Surface Transportation Project Manager, with CMT from 2014-Present