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On every initiative he works on, Adam brings an out-of-the-box perspective that leads to creative solutions.

“I decided to become an engineer at a young age. I loved watching MacGyver and became fascinated with using the tools at hand to solve complex challenges.”

Adam recognizes the role that transportation and enhanced mobility can play in improving our communities and making them more livable.

“Watching my own children grow and develop has had an even more profound effect on how I view our role in community development.”

He believes that it is the consultant’s job to help communities develop a vision and provide them the means to achieve it. Adam is known for bringing fresh perspectives for how to approach transportation solutions and has been influential in helping some major clients transition to more performance-based approaches.

“Our clients have their own goals and aspirations. As engineers, we have an opportunity and responsibility to be an advisor and assist them. The more we understand and appreciate those desires, the better the solutions we provide.”