Environmental Scientist

Alexandra Zelles is an Environmental Technical Manager with a deep understanding of issues related to natural resources and ecological assessments. She puts that knowledge to work helping clients smoothly navigate permitting and regulatory processes.

“I make it a priority to explain complex issues to clients in a way that is easy for them to understand,” Alex says. “It’s important to me that they don’t feel overwhelmed and that they know they’re in good hands.”

Among her many specialties are wetland delineations, endangered species habitat assessments and surveys, water resource permitting, and mitigation planning and design. She’s also an expert at completing NEPA documentation. For Alex, it’s all about promoting stewardship of our natural resources, and building resilient and equitable communities.

“I find it extremely fulfilling to apply scientific and ecological principles to our clients’ projects, whether that’s assessing habitat quality for a specific endangered species or determining the success of a wetland mitigation site.”

Alex shares her professional passions with her community by serving on the local environmental commission. She plays violin with the DuPage Symphony Orchestra and, like most of the CMT Environmental Team, she loves spending time with her family in the great outdoors.