Smith, Allen CASUAL

Structural Project Engineer for Surface Transportation

Allen Smith, PE, SE – a 28-year veteran specializing in roadway and rail bridge structures – joined CMT in 2020 because he saw himself a good fit with our brand of client-centric, value-focused project delivery.

“I’m proud to be with CMT because they’re a company with a strong reputation for client satisfaction,” Allen says. “I believe that clients look at me as being passionate about the work that I do, and they can trust me that I will always be honest with them.”

Allen’s experience includes senior bridge engineer for the Historic Eads Bridge Rehabilitation over the Mississippi River in  St. Louis, and program manager and team leader for the Terminal Railroad of St. Louis system-wide bridge inspection program. He has inspected over 1,000 railroad bridges and another 1000 highway bridges over his career.  Allen began his career with the Illinois Department of Transportation, where he went on to spend two years at their Bureau of Bridges and Structures.

Allen works from CMT’s office in downtown St. Louis.


One Memorial Drive
Suite 500
St. Louis, MO  63102