Community Enhancement & Government Affairs Manager

In 2018, Ally joined CMT in a strategic role as Community Enhancement and Government Affairs Manager. She brings extensive experience to advocate on behalf of CMT and advise our clients, having served as a top policy advisor to a member of Congress. In that role, Ally worked for a member of Congress on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee through the passage of the 2015 Highway Bill (FAST Act), two cycles of Water Resources Development Act reauthorizations, the Disaster Recovery Reform Act, and the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. From that work, she brings a keen understanding of federal funding programs and grant applications, as well as policy and regulatory issues.

Since joining CMT, she has focused on assisting clients in tackling funding challenges and providing strategic assistance. Among other things, she assists in identifying possible state and federal funding sources, writing grants, and giving strategy advice on engaging elected officials. She maintains a keen knowledge of happenings across CMT’s geographic footprint and Washington, tracking infrastructure and public works developments to keep clients ahead of the game when it comes to funding opportunities and major policy changes. Ally has supported clients seeking funding for roadway, pedestrian, waterway, flood protection, drinking water, wastewater, and aviation projects.