Scott Knight, PE

Director & Traffic Practice Lead

CMT does a great job of working with clients to develop unique solutions for every project.  And, Brian Eads, loves to be the one developing unique solutions to traffic engineering problems.

“I enjoy combining my design and traffic engineering experience to develop innovative solutions to various challenges that face the client and our system,” says Brian.

Brian works to exceed clients’ expectations and bring value to our projects and communities.  He is great at engaging with the public as he believes it is important to understand the needs of stakeholders and how our projects can help meet community needs.

“It is important to provide save and efficient designs that benefit all users while making the best use of limited resources.  By saving money, our clients are able to invest those saving into other projects.”

When not solving transportation problems, Brian coaches two robotics teams through the FIRST Lego League (FLL) and Jr. FLL programs.  He enjoys inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists to explore real-world scientific challenges and work together as a team to develop solutions.

“The children’s’ creativity and approach to solving problems reinforces the importance of looking at problems from different perspectives,” he said.