Vice President and Wastewater Group Manager, Springfield, IL

Christy works with communities and sanitary districts to address the challenges associated with evolving regulations and aging infrastructure. These clients also benefit greatly from a lesson she learned while growing up.

“My father was a machinist and talked about how engineers wouldn’t always listen to the people who did the job,” Christy says. “So, I like to really get to know people, figure out how to best help them solve a problem and then exceed their expectations.”

This insight has served her well as a project engineer and through to today. Christy, who came to work for CMT in 1996, is a natural leader and has earned a great deal of trust from her clients. As a manager, she enjoys challenging her staff to greater technical achievement, while helping them hone their customer-centric approach to solving problems.

Thanks to creative and committed professionals like Christy, future generations will benefit from an environment where water is clean and plentiful.