Chuck Taylor, PE

Senior Vice President and Director of Strategy

Beginning his career with CMT in 1983, Chuck brings an intimate understanding of CMT culture and the evolving marketplace we work in. His career of helping clients solve their own complex challenges also makes him a valuable strategist for moving CMT forward.

Chuck brings over 30 years of focused experience serving airport clients. His assistance in developing their programs and navigating the funding arena is a key reason so many of those clients have remained with us for years and, in many cases, decades.

“I believe clients would speak of my desire and ability to personally invest in them and their goals,” says Chuck.

When contemplating the unique place that CMT has cut out for itself in the marketplace, Chuck says:

“I’ve begun to realize that it all comes down to this: we’re just a good fit. It’s not a quality that’s easy to measure or define, but clients recognize it when they experience it. CMT is a good fit for our clients because we make them feel comfortable and put them in a position to succeed.”