Water Resources Project Engineer

Upon joining CMT in 2022, Claus brought nearly 50 years of nationwide expertise in infrastructure planning, design, and construction. He has worked on projects that include water systems, wastewater systems, storm water systems, roadways, solid waste facilities, airport infrastructure, GIS projects, and sustainable projects.

Serving as a water resources project engineer, Claus enjoys working closely with clients throughout the project. He states, “The process is very collaborative. I work to meet clients’ needs and understand their positions and challenges. My goal is to make each client successful.”

Claus appreciates that CMT takes a team approach paired with a willingness to learn, while still keeping the clients top-of-mind. The team works together to identify and implement unique solutions for projects. “I have had the privilege to work on many different projects in my career. When working with young engineers, I hope I can help them grow and transfer some my years of experience to them.”

In his free time, Claus wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible. He enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending time with family, especially his granddaughters.