Project Structural Engineer

As a structural engineer, Denise Herrera serves a wide range of clients, from small municipalities to state DOTs and the Illinois Tollway. But no matter who she is working for, Denise understands that her ultimately responsibility is to the people who travel the roads and cross the bridges.

“Our main aim is to serve the public by providing safer and better traveling infrastructure,” she says. “As long as we don’t lose sight of that, then our work we’ll be guided by a clearer vision, and we’ll be better equipped to achieve the best results possible.”

Denise is located in CMT’s Aurora office where she works as one of the bridge lead designers, while also providing review and oversight to our younger structural engineers. She likes the camaraderie they have built and everyone’s willingness to set aside their personal interests in order to deliver optimal solutions.

“I love contributing my technical expertise and problem-solving skills to help the team arrive at the right answer to a particularly challenging problem,” she says.

In addition to serving the public through improved infrastructure, she enjoys giving back to those in the Chicagoland community. Denise also loves the outdoors, whether she’s running, swimming, bike riding or just taking a leisurely stroll through a forest preserve.