Eric Hansen, PE, CSM

Vice President and Peoria, IL Office Manager

“Civil engineers have created our modern lifestyles,” says Eric.  “Imagine not having safe and reliable water, sewer and transportation systems.  It’s our job to provide clean water and protect our environment. We create safe streets and airports that allow us to travel anywhere in the world.  These systems allow people and communities to thrive.”

With this in mind, Eric takes a big-picture view when considering his profession’s responsibility to his clients. His initial approach to any new venture starts by understanding the actual problem.  Drawing from his life and engineering experiences, Eric brings a unique perspective that often results in creative ideas as alternatives to typical solutions.

As the manager of CMT’s Peoria, Illinois, office, Eric is a “hands-on” leader with strong analytical skills, creative insights, and a proven ability to assemble a diverse group of experts that delivers successful results. His background includes public speaking, college classroom teaching, fine arts, and writing technical reports.

Eric is service-oriented outside of work. His contributions include serving as the Chairperson of the Zoning Board in his home community, the United Way Campaign Cabinet, and Chamber of Commerce committees. His interest and skill in carpentry and construction recently came in handy on a mission trip to build housing projects in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.