Greg Heaton, PE, CM, AICP

Vice President & Aviation Business Development Lead

Having worked on hundreds of projects in 20 states, Greg Heaton has been responsible for every facet of aviation development projects. While he certainly has a wealth of expertise to offer, what clients value most is his passion.

“I let them know that I’m 100% on board – I’m going to do everything I can to help them achieve their goals,” Greg says. “That’s really what sets CMT apart. All the past experience in the world doesn’t mean a thing unless you’re committed to going all-in with the client you’re working with right now.”

As a program manager, Greg combines a background in planning and design with skills in consensus-building, community outreach, and funding to help airports reach their full potential. He is equally committed to his profession, lending his leadership to industry organizations at state, regional, and national levels.

“It’s all about being the strongest advocate you can be for the things you believe in. That’s very rewarding to me.”

Although a native Midwesterner, Greg loves the sea. He’s an experienced scuba diver who is learning to sail, and he and his family love going swimming with the fish.