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 Air Service Development Director, Air Service and Planning

Throughout his 13-year career, Harrison Earl has worked on both sides of the air services aisle – for airlines and airports. No matter whose interests he’s pursuing, as an analyst his passion is taking raw data and weaving it into actionable insights that enable strategic decision making.

“Here at CMT, I bring in as much data as possible, including unique datasets no one else is using, and use it to tell the story of how and why an airline would benefit by bringing air service to our airport client,” Harrison says.

Harrison joined CMT in the spring of 2020 to strengthen our growing Air Service Development offerings. He was previously Senior Director of Commercial Innovation at Denver International Airport focusing on non-airline revenue and airline contracts and relationships. This experience allows him to address client needs beyond the typical tasks of air service development. Harrison also worked in Marketing Planning at Southwest Airlines, where he built comprehensive commercial plans for some of Southwest’s largest markets.

Harrison has always been fascinated with aviation and even has his pilot’s license, but his destination today is to remain on the ground to help airports and air travel grow.  “I still look up at the sky every time a plane passes overhead, and it is exciting to know that I’m contributing in a small way to people traveling all over the world,” he concluded.